Guest Policy

We love guests at Devon, the more people who get to experience Devon and why we love it the better.  We just need to make sure all guests are accounted for.

Monday through Friday guest fees are $5 per guest and on Saturday, Sundays and Holidays the guest fees are $10 per person. Any guest ages 2-75 will need a pass.  A guest fee is required regardless if your guests are swimming or just enjoying all the great amenities Devon has to offer. Guess passes can be purchased online and will be available when you arrive.

Party Policy

We love when people want to host parties and get togethers at Devon.  However,  to be fair to all members there is a Party Policy that needs to be followed.  As a reminder, parties are typically not allowed Friday after 4p, Saturday or Sunday because that is when the majority of our members go to spend time with their families. 

To schedule a party you must first discuss the date and details with someone at the front desk, preferably the Head Guard on duty or the manager.  This way we can ensure that we will have enough staff for that day and that nothing else has already been scheduled.

For parties with 10 or more non-members attending, there is a $50 party fee.  This cost reserves two tables under the pavilion.  Don’t forget that all non-members must pay the required guest fee regardless if they are swimming or just enjoying all of Devon’s wonderful amenities.  We will work with you to keep track and work out payment at the end of your get together.

If you have questions, do not hesitate to reach out to Molly Carnes, 317-709-8041 to discuss.